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NinjaLion Web Hosting Promo Code

Another very affordable web host is NinjaLion, it was founded last 2010. Although this company is new, it is backed up with the credibility of downtownhost – a well-established web hosting company. NinjaLion is a subsidiary of downtownhost, they offer smaller plans and a lower price compared to downtownhost – like a budget brand of downtownhost. Ok, so why is it its cheaper than other web host (like dreamhost)? Well, its plans were not unlimited

Free Webhosting – with PHP and mySQL and NO ADS!

Do you want to have your own website or blog but don’t have the budget? here’s another interesting site, it offers FREE (TOTALLY FREE) WEBHOSTING! And how it differs from other free hosting sites? First, it supports PHP, second mySQL and third a free cPanel! There are lots of free webhosting company out there, but most of them offers only static websites, meaning, they will only allow regular html pages for your site (flash &

How to prevent computer viruses [malware] from infecting your computer

How to prevent computer viruses [malware] from infecting your computer Your computer can be infected with a computer virus in many ways. The most common is from the internet, by downloading programs, music, opening email attachments, or downloading any “free” software (including crack) on the net. Others get it [a worm] from their local network if one of its peers got infected. And another very common is from our removable storage device which includes our

Microsoft New Search Engine – Bing

“So far in 2009, there are four and a half websites created EVERY SECOND as the web continues to expand. While more searchable information is cool, nearly half of all searches don’t result in the answer that people are seeking. At the same time, the way the world searches is changing. You want more than just information. You want knowledge that leads to action. The truth is you’ve evolved. It’s time search caught up. So