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A Speedier Google Chrome

Speedier Google Chrome For more than a month now I’ve been using Google Chrome. Last month, I have read about Google Chrome – a fast browser. Out of curiosity, I have downloaded and installed Google Chrome. I have tried browsing using IE, Firefox and Chrome, comparing its performance. Google Chrome literally nailed the two browsers (IE, Firefox). Now, Google release the Beta version of Google Chrome. And its even faster than its first release (30%

Browsing Prohibited Websites

Does you company/school banned certain websites, such as friendster, facebook, etc? Don’t be sad. There are several tools and ways to bypass network firewall. (Warning: Browsing prohibited sites is punishable!!!) 😀 *** If you just want to open facebook, you may use (use https rather than http, since data is encrypted when using https, it cannot be filtered by a firewall or filter softwares) adding “s” in http seems not so hard right?, so