Games in Facebook – Mafia Wars and Farm Town

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The Mafia Wars on Facebook


Wew, its been so long since my last post.. (la na ko visitor.. hehehe) Well for now I’m back in business! (aw!)..Wokie, I just want to share with you guys this game “The Mafia Wars” in facebook (if your not playing it yet 😀 ) Actually, I don’t have an account in facebook, I’m just using my girlfriend’s account 😀 … well she ask me to play “Mafia Wars” in her account (also “Farm Town” 😀 ), at first I find boring.. lol.. but after 2 days of playing.. its quite addicting..(aw!) hehehe… so, try it out! If you want you can join my Mafia! (hehehehe!)

A screen shot of my GF’s Farm in Farm Town…


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