Games in Facebook – Mafia Wars and Farm Town

The Mafia Wars on Facebook


Wew, its been so long since my last post.. (la na ko visitor.. hehehe) Well for now I’m back in business! (aw!)..Wokie, I just want to share with you guys this game “The Mafia Wars” in facebook (if your not playing it yet 😀 ) Actually, I don’t have an account in facebook, I’m just using my girlfriend’s account 😀 … well she ask me to play “Mafia Wars” in her account (also “Farm Town” 😀 ), at first I find boring.. lol.. but after 2 days of playing.. its quite addicting..(aw!) hehehe… so, try it out! If you want you can join my Mafia! (hehehehe!)

A screen shot of my GF’s Farm in Farm Town…


  • dak

    hehe.. dkoa na gud nimu ug farm .. add ko b sa imung neighbors .. ^__^

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