Long Weekend this August (August 29-30 are Holidays! :D)

I have never thought this would happen in P-Noys term (a long weekend) since it seems P-Noy hates holidays. 😀 (just my wild opinion 😀 ). But my thoughts were wrong, ‘coz its going to happen, since August 29, MondayNational Heroes Day is a Regular Holiday, as per Proclamation No. 84, s. 2010 and August 30, TuesdayEid’l Fitr  is also a Regular Holiday, as per Proclamation No. 234, s. 2011 in short we will have an extended weekend at the end of August. Perfect for outing and well, perfect also to have good rest to remove stress! 😀

Have a happy loooonnng weekend this August 27 (Saturday), 28 (Sunday), 29 (Monday-Holiday) and 30 (Tuesday-Holiday)! 😀

  • Wow! Buti pa kayo may holiday pero kami wala. Di ko rin alam kung double pay ba kami kung papasok kami. Sunday lang talaga ang day off eh 🙂 4 days is enough para makapag level up. hehehehe
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    • Jeff

      baw online na pud ang danteoms.info 😀 gratz!