My New Philips In-Ear Headphone from HalloHalloMall

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My first order at HalloHalloMall. I placed my order last November 6, 2012 and was shipped on November 15, 2012. I have received the item on November 19, 2012.

There was just a bit confusing part on where to send the photocopy of my Credit/Debit Card and valid ID. It was not stated that it should be sent on [email protected] so I just made a reply to the email that I received attaching the documents they requested. After 2 days, I have contacted support asking why the status of my order was not changed despite the fact that I already emailed the documents they requested. The next day, they called me and said they have not received the photocopy of my card and ID, in short I have sent it to the wrong email. But hey, it was my first order, the email should be clear where to send the documents. But anyways, after the conversation, it was now clear that all documents should be sent to [email protected] and not to the person who sent the request. My payment was confirmed on November 8, 2012. And it took 7 days for the seller to ship the item, and 4 days (including Saturday & Sunday) for the courier to deliver it on my door step.

Well about the item, I don’t like much the in-ear headphone (its painful in my ear after few hours of use, but the sound quality is perfect). It was my fault though, I haven’t read much about this in-ear headphone since it was just a test order, I only choose the cheapest one :)…

Whats really nice about hallohallomall is you get 5 points/day if you visit hallohallomall website, and they have also this game which makes you earn more points. 1 Point is equivalent to 1 Php. Which of course can be use when you purchase an item. Upon registration you will get 300 points (if you will like their facebook page during registration). So you already have worth 300 Php to spend after you register. In fact, I only payed 159 Php on my Philips In-Ear Headphone SHE1360 since I used my points as payment.

To pay for the remaining amount, I would suggest to use a Debit Card rather than a Credit Card. Since you can control the amount of money you can put in your Debit Card thus if your card details will leak it won’t hurt that much. (Remember your going to send out the Photocopy of your card and ID). Personally I am using the RCBC Mercury My Wallet Debit Card.

RCBC Mercury My Wallet Visa Card
RCBC Mercury My Wallet Visa Card

Hallohallo Mall has also a PayPal Payment Option. Unfortunately there was an error when I tried it. I tried to email support regarding this but with no reply. To bad, I only trust my Credit Card info with PayPal.

In general, I like HalloHallo Mall, they have very nice promotions, like the Countdown discount, the Time Sale and the Point System. And well, they DO deliver. Even though its not that fast. (I am talking about in my case, I am in Visayas). And I think the delay is on the Seller. Hmm.. Well, I am also new in this Online Shopping Mall, so I still don’t know much. Good luck and happy Online Shopping.

My new Philips In-Ear Headphone SHE1360 (Image Below): 

philips in-ear headphone SHE1360
philips in-ear headphone SHE1360

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