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LoadXtreme Loading App for Android Devices

[ad code=3 align=center] I’ve been using VMobile – LoadXtreme for quite sometime already but never used those SMS commands in loading. (I created my own Web App). Well, obviously having to type those commands is a pain in the butt! When VMobile announces that they will release an android app for loading I was excited. Not after I have tried it. Well, the android app requires an internet connection to function. Choosing/searching for specific load

A review on Pipo Smart-S2 (aka Pipo S2)

A review on Pipo Smart-S2 (Pipo S2) (Pipo Max-S2 on its back cover) Update (April 2, 2013): Battery problem (charging stops at 99% and drains very fast) occurs when battery level reaches around 10% or below before charging the unit. So I think it would be much better to charge Pipo S2 before its battery level reaches 15%. Another thing is about the external SD Storage. The moment I unmount  my External SD Storage, all

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

Today is “D” day, the Cherry Mobile #FusionMania!   Cherry Mobile has announced last month that they will release its first Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) Tablet packed with 1.0 GHz  Quad-core processor! (Wow! truly Cherry Mobile goes Quad-core). The tablet has 1 GB of RAM and a built in Nand Flash storage of 8GB (I know 8 GB is small) but no worries since it does have a memory card slot, making its storage expandable

Flashlight App for Android

There are lots of flashlight app in the market and most of them works good and even looks good.  But I am looking for a simple flashlight app with the basic function like turning on the LED flash of my camera or make my screen turns to white and max its brightness, and of course, without ads and free :), since majority of the flashlight apps on the market has some bulky features, like blinking