LoadXtreme Loading App for Android Devices

[ad code=3 align=center] I’ve been using VMobile – LoadXtreme for quite sometime already but never used those SMS commands in loading. (I created my own Web App). Well, obviously having to type those commands is a pain in the butt! When VMobile announces that they will release an android app for loading I was excited.[…]

A review on Pipo Smart-S2 (aka Pipo S2)

A review on Pipo Smart-S2 (Pipo S2) (Pipo Max-S2 on its back cover) Update (April 2, 2013): Battery problem (charging stops at 99% and drains very fast) occurs when battery level reaches around 10% or below before charging the unit. So I think it would be much better to charge Pipo S2 before its battery[…]

Cherry Mobile Fusion Bolt

Today is “D” day, the Cherry Mobile #FusionMania!   Cherry Mobile has announced last month that they will release its first Jelly Bean (Android 4.1.1) Tablet packed with 1.0 GHz  Quad-core processor! (Wow! truly Cherry Mobile goes Quad-core). The tablet has 1 GB of RAM and a built in Nand Flash storage of 8GB (I[…]